Hoa Phat to export pre-stressed concrete steel strand to the US

Hoa Phat Group has signed a contract to export more than 2,000 tonnes of pre-stressed concrete steel strand (PC Strand) to a partner from the US. The batch will be delivered this month. Hoa Phat Group has been the first and only business in Vietnam that can produce this specialty steel.


Hoa Phat Group has signed a contract to export more than 2,000 tonnes of pre-stressed concrete steel strand (PC Strand) to a partner from the US

The pre-stressed concrete steel factory which is located at Hoa Phat Dung Quat Steel Integrated Complex has been proactive in input raw materials, and deep-water ports for fast delivery. Hoa Phat’s PC Strand has received great attention from both domestic and foreign partners thanks to its stable quality and much more competition than imported products.

The factory has a capacity of nearly 300,000 tonnes a year including more than 200,000 tonnes of pre-stressed concrete steel bar (PC Bar) and over 80,000 tonnes of pre-stressed concrete steel strand (PC Strand). Of which, the first phase of the PC Strand project has a capacity of some 40,000 tonnes per year. The technology production line is completely imported from an Italian prestigious group. The product meets the American standards of ASTM A416/A416M-17, ensuring mechanical properties, compressive tensile strength and other technical standards.

PC Strand has outstanding features such as: good corrosion resistance, less friction with unconnected ribs and easy to bend, using in-place cast concrete, saving materials and exam time. PC Strand is commonly used in large-scale projects that require engineering, load capacity and high safety such as bridges, railways, highways, rock-ground anchoring projects, industrial buildings and stadiums etc.

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